12 februar, 2021 3 min læsning

Famme releases new styles, patterns and colors of women's workout leggings every month. We provide some information to take into account for your next purchase.

Having so many choices when it comes to women's workout leggings is a good problem to have, because now you can be both comfortable and stylish during a workout session or anywhere on the go. However, not all women's athletic leggings are created equal, and what works best for your long run might hinder your range of motion during hot yoga, or sag off your waist while you’re practicing your squat.

But, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up a few expert tips on how to fall in love with the perfect athletic leggings for you, no matter if you’re a marathoner or a gym enthusiast.

Choose the right length

Women's exercise leggings, like all pairs of pants, are made in different styles and lengths. Most athletic leggings found online and in stores are made in one of a few different lengths. Here’s what you can expect when the following cuts are listed on the product page or tag:

  • Full-length: Also commonly called ankle length, full-length leggings cover the entire length of the leg. Some even come with stirrup heels that fit around the bottom of your foot so no skin in showing.
  • Capri: Athletic leggings made in the capri style are typically cut to hit just under the knee, meaning a portion of your leg will be uncovered. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something a little less constricting than full-length leggings, but want more coverage than a pair of shorts.
  • Basic: Basic leggings can describe any number of leggings, athletic or not. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from full-length to ankle-length, and materials (including cotton, spandex and even denim).
  • Boot-cut: Most athletic leggings are made to fit snuggly against your skin. Boot-cut leggings, on the other hand, are often made to fit around the hips and thighs and then flare at the bottom for maximum comfort. Yoga pants are often made in this style, as are more casual everyday leggings worn with boots instead of athletic shoes.
  • Cropped athletic: These leggings are cut to hit around your mid-calf and are often made with materials that provide compression (like spandex and polyester) to help you move throughout your workout.

Leggings also differ in the amount of compression (elasticity) they offer, ranging from no compression (like with cotton yoga pants) to high compression. Our Essential leggings have more compression than our seamless leggings for instance.

Rise — or how high the waistband of the leggings sits on your hips and waist — is another factor to consider. Women's workout leggings with higher rises help keep everything more “secure” and decrease the possibility that they’ll fall down during a downward dog or an intense HIIT session. Looser fits, like with cotton yoga pants, don’t stay in place as well during more high-impact exercises (like running), but are more comfortable for everyday wear.

Most of our leggings are high waisted.

Think About the Fabric

If you’re like most of us, you spend more time thinking about the print on your leggings than the material they’re constructed with. Natural fibers — like cotton — soak up and hold onto sweat, making it a poor choice for sweaty workouts like running. For that reason, they tend to be used in slower (but still challenging) yoga and weightlifting workouts.


Consider the weather when choosing your women's workout leggings, especially if you work out outdoors. Always go for leggings made of moisture-wicking materials to help pull the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool (during the summer) and warm (in colder temperatures). Wearing athletic leggings made of polyester during the summer also gives extra protection against the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays. The material used for leggings come in different weights, so take in account what type of activity and the season you will be using them for. A more breathable and lighter weight material is a good choice for most activities.

Opt for a moisture-wicking polypropylene base layer to wick away sweat. Also, consider adding a layer made of fleece for extra warmth during those colder months.

Think About the Extras

The main job of your athletic leggings is to provide protection and comfort while you work out, but they can also double as your personal assistant with pockets and other compartments. Our Famme Techna leggings and Rib panel leggings both have pockets.