Leggings guide

We want to make it easier for you to pick the right leggings. If you still have questions after reading the guide, visit our product development group to get help.


We make our leggings in a way that you can choose the size you normally use. Please compare with leggings you already have. If necessary, it is easy to change your leggings to another size. 


Seamless or ‘normal’ leggings?

All our leggings are made with training in mind. They are elastic and breaths well. Our seamless leggings are very popular and can be used for all kinds of different exercises, but we recommend Essential or Techna if you want a legging with extra compression. 

Activities that include friction against objects (f. ex Crossfit) we recommend our Essential or Techna. This applies to all seamless leggings, regardless of the brand. 

Our main supplier of yarn from Italy, Fulgar SpA makes sure that our seamless garments maintain a high standard. 



Our leggings are remarkably comfortable and soft. All our seamless leggings are in general softer, while 'regular' leggings have a smoother surface. 



Melange is a term of yarn of fabric that consists of a mixture of different coloured or/and uncoloured fibers. 

All our melange seamless leggings are made of polyamide, polyester, and elastane. When our leggings are coloured the polyamide will also get coloured, while the polyester-garment maintains uncoloured. This how the colour contrast is made. In some cases, the polyester garment is coloured beforehand, but usually, it is white. 

Melange seamless leggings are a bit thicker than full-coloured seamless leggings. 



All of our leggings have a high waist with a waistband that fits all body types. The leggings fit all shapes and can be folded down in an advantage for pregnant women. 

The waistband on the seamless leggings is rib knitted with extra elastane (stretch) to give you a comfortable and nice hold-in effect. 


Squat proof 

Our leggings are usually squat proof. All the models we have in stock are squat proof, but we have previously produced light seamless colours, which are not, including the living coral and orchid bloom colour. 

In general, seamless is more transparent than "regular" leggings. Techna and Essential, for example, are always squat proof, regardless of whether the colour is light. 


Leggings for pregnant women

Pregnant women can wear our seamless leggings and the essential high waist leggings. But we recommend Essential High Wast. They are elastic and can be folded down as needed.